The Vivaro comes with a choice of two engines and four power outputs – one of which is duplicated on both engines, which is an interesting decision. High spec models get lots of car-like tech, which includes a head up display that shows the vehicle's speed on the lower part of the windscreen. Vauxhall … Brand New 2021 Vauxhall Vivaro uk deals. Gross vehicle weights range from 2635kg - 3100kg, depending on spec, while towing weights peak at 2500kg. Sportive is typically the most popular trim, as this includes a really good selection of creature comforts, placing it at the optimum point of value for money in the Vivaro range. Mid-spec versions get a bulkhead hatch, which allows the Vivaro to carry copper pipes and planks of wood measuring up to four metres in length. Only relatively small numbers of vans have been recalled for these issues, though. It is, in short, a contender that potential buyers in this segment can't ignore. Elite is a new range-topping trim for this Vivaro, and is also expected to be popular, especially with owner-drivers, who want even greater levels of car-like technology and safety. An additional Dynamic trim level joined the range later, slotting in between Edition and Sportive. 16 Jul 2020. Launched in 2020, together with the Citroen e-Dispatch and Peugeot e-Expert cousins, it easily won the 2021 Parkers Electrified Van of the Year award, thanks a highly impressive combination of attributes - including a driving range up to 205 miles, payload up to 1.2 tonnes and towing capacity of up to 1.0 tonne. All versions get twin side sliding doors as standard that will take a Euro pallet sideways. The automatic gearbox is also optional on the 120hp 2.0-litre. The old Vivaro provided 8.6 cubic metres, but this has been cut to 6.6 - this means some builders and delivery drivers (who prioritise useable space over payload) may find the Vivaro to be a snug fit for materials, parcels and equipment. Most popular power output is 120hp, as this delivers enough oomph for a comfortable driving experience without threatening too much of an increase in insurance premiums and front tyre wear. Somewhat unusually, this all-new, third-generation Vauxhall Vivaro medium van – known within Vauxhall as the Vivaro C – arrived just five years after the launch of the previous model, the Vivaro B. A dial located on the dashboard allows you to easily select settings for different kinds of slippery surface, from snow right through to moderate off-road work. The 120PS version is also the most-efficient, with advertised WLTP figures peaking at 47mpg. The eight-speed auto, however - which is standard on 180hp models and optional on the 120hp 2.0-litre engine - is one of the best automatic transmissions available on any van. We're not expecting any big changes in 2021, but will be keeping this page fully up to date with all the latest info. Your email has been successfully submitted! In this time the … As such, two sets of figures are available: NEDC and WLTP. The all-new Vivaro is available in Edition, Sportive... The 1.5-litre engine requires servicing every 25,000 miles, while the service intervals for the 2.0-litre engine are every 30,000 miles – both should be seen at least every two years. The set-up is clearly quite soft, however, explaining the slightly wallowy feel over off-set bumps, the roll in the corners, and the amount the rear suspension appears to compress with even a modest 400kg load. This is almost unforgivable for such a modern van. The third-generation Vauxhall Vivaro is one of the heavy hitters in the medium van market when it comes to payload, with its 1450kg putting among the very best. Yes, and we've covered it extensively in our separate Vauxhall Vivaro-e review. The Vivaro is available in two sizes (L1 and L2) and the smallest will carry two Euro pallets, while the larger version will carry three Euro pallets. This Vauxhall Vivaro Life is, as its name suggests, based on the marque's medium-sized Vivaro van but it's certainly pretty sophisticated as well as being light, airy, and seriously spacious, with room for up to 9 people, depending on variant. Tested at the same 120hp output level with the same 400kg weight in the back, the 2.0-litre’s additional 40Nm of muscle made for more relaxed progress in every respect except for engine noise. Range-topping Elite goes way further, however, including lane departure warning, traffic sign recognition, Intelligent Speed Adaptation (which automatically adjust the cruise control to the legal limit), a Driver Attention Alert system (which monitors for signs of sleepiness), automatic high beam assist and blind spot monitors. You are viewing the Parkers beta preview. The Vauxhall Vivaro offers ultra-efficient engines, practical solutions and in-cab connectivity that turns this spacious van into a mobile office. The Vivaro is Vauxhall’s best-selling van, and the third-generation model is one of the best medium size vans on sale right now. Plus, it's not even that expensive by electric van standards. While this Vivaro only launched in 2019, it’s based on vans that have been on sale since 2016, and there are no significant reports of major reliability issues.

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