Gradual Return Timeline (as of November 23, 2020) *One or more of these grades, dependent on staffing and health metrics. ... communication chain from the school to the department over to Maine CDC,” said Shah. Private and parochial schools in New York’s red and orange zones where COVID-19 cases have spiked or increased will be able to reopen under an agreement reached with Governor Andrew Cuomo on Friday. YORK, Maine — When schools shuttered suddenly last March as the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic became obvious in the U.S., parents of schoolchildren found … YORK, Maine — For the first time in six months, local schoolchildren are returning this week for in-classroom instruction, even as the threat of COVID-19 remains elevated. YORK, Maine – The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention has reopened its COVID-19 outbreak investigation at York High School, Maine CDC … Maine Department of Education breaks down plans for schools to reopen. 9 Hannaford Drive York, Maine 03909 Admin: 207-363-1031 Dispatch: 207-363-4444; Public Works. "Please be assured that York High School will be cleaned and disinfected according to federal CDC guidelines before the reopening of school." "York Schools wishes all infected individuals a quick return to health, and will maintain confidentiality in accordance with federal and state privacy laws," he wrote in the letter. ... moves York … The Maine Department of Education on Friday updated its color-coded system advising schools on whether it’s safe to reopen for in-person instruction. Maine is still giving schools in every county the green light to reopen in person, but that green light comes with a caveat in Penobscot and York counties due to recent outbreaks and increasing case numbers. 186 York Street York, Maine 03909 Phone: 207-363-1000 Clerk and Tax Collector's Office: 207-363-1003 Hours Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Public Safety. After repeated delays, the York School Department will hold its first day of the academic … Four of the Maine’s 16 counties remain in the “yellow” category for reopening schools, while increasing COVID-19 positivity rates in two other counties have them under watch by state officials. "For parents, it feels like a long wait. For us we're not waiting on anything we've been working day and night it's almost the only thing we've done this summer," Tina Meserve, Mt. 30 Organug Road York, Maine | Main Office: 207-363-4214 | Fax: 207-363-1815 | Website Contact The goal of York Middle School is to create a respectful and dynamic learning environment that responds to the unique needs of the early adolescent and maximizes each student's potential. Starting Jan. 19, elementary and middle schools will return to in-person classes in counties that aren't red in state's county alert map, tracks each county's case and test-positivity rates. Superintendents around the state have been working on back to school plans since before the Maine Department of Education's color-coded designations went out.