So, even when the generator has a recoil mechanism, do not dismiss it thinking that it will not work great. A good example is Predator and WEN generators. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The good news is that this is a highly fuel-efficient generator to own right now. With dimensions 22.8 x 17.3 x 20 inches, it is easily one of the best generators to own in terms of compactness. The generator can automatically shut down when it senses there is low oil in the engine. If you can get an easy to use generator, then you will always have an easier time working with it even while outdoors in your RV. A friend of mine bought the PREDATOR 3500 Watt Super Quiet Inverter Generator and has been very happy with it. It has a wheel kit, a double-handle design, and it is still lightweight. The recoil mechanisms are now improved better than before. The inverter capabilities of the Honda generator are extremely important and affect many of the differences between these two models. The only redemption for the Predator generator here is that it includes an extra pair of 120-volt outlets that can save you from needing a power strip. Manufacturers are often proud of their generators, so you can be sure to see this type of information in the product description. Even if you are new to using the generator, you will find it being easy to use generally. This generator cuts power to the electrical load when it senses there is an overload. The Honda generator costs more than $2,100, while the Predator costs just $950. It’s a compact powerhouse with advanced inverter technology. It is now possible to start the generator even with one or two pulls. Second, while both generators include electric starters, the Honda includes a backup recoil starter. You can compare this noise level to what a refrigerator makes while it is running. Daniel holds a Master’s degree in Arts and apart from working as a freelance writer, is a rather successful author of science fiction stories published in several literary magazines. It’s over 30 pounds lighter, making it much easier for two people to lift or carry. By comparison, the Honda generator can only run for 8 hours before running out of gas. But the Predator manual or web specs failed to specify the particular spark arrestor used with the Predator 3500 is "USDA Approved". I am truly amazed by this little Honda. My microwave makes my Honda 2000 sound like it's about to take off, but the 3500 revs up just a little bit from the microwave, and even running an A/C unit from it, it was still amazingly quiet … Not surprisingly, the Predator generator is loud. If it seems like something interesting, then consider checking out more about this generator below. It is a portable unit with built-in wheels and handles for moving. The Predator generator costs $595, so you could buy two of them for only slightly more than a single Honda model. Price is likely to be the most important factor in determining which of these generators is right for you. Because you will be connecting different types of devices to the generator, look at the types of outlets available. However, the more devices the Predator 3500 can run, the more fuel it will burn to ensure the boost to get their motor running. Predator, which is owned by Harbor Freight, has been in business since 1988. However, if you want more power, then the Predator 3500-watt generator is your top choice. With 11 hours of run time at 25% load this powerful inverter generator is ideal for powering RVs, camping, supplying household emergency power and tailgating. As for the weight, the generator weighs 110.2 lbs. The additional features make this a nice choice to get right now for the money. The EU2200i produces just 48 dB of noise at a 25% load or 57 dB at full power. Electric or manual? The Predator 3500-watt generator is often regarded as a bargain generator for those who want more power for less money. Weighing in at around 115 pounds with a full tank, the Predator 3500 Inverter Generator is lighter than the average 150 pounds medium-sized inverter generator. We’ll focus on three of the most popular power size classes for which these two brands each offer models. Since the generator comes with a DC outlet, it makes it easy to charge the DC batteries with ease. The Predator generator is roughly 50 times louder at a 25% load, producing 65 dB of noise. Just because they are top brands, it does not mean they will be expensive. You can be sure that the generator will give you the power that you have always wanted. If the noise level is below 65 dBA, then it should be perfect for all situations. Honda offers a blanket three-year limited warranty on all of its generators, and that warranty includes the engine. Such might not give you the best run time for those who want an overnight use of the generator. Honda vs Ryobi Generators: Comparing the Two Brands, Generac vs Honda Generators: Comparing the Two Brands. This will make the usability even better as you simply press a button and the generator turns on with ease. The arrestor used by Predator might be effective, but does it meet the Federal or SAE requirements. Running Wattage: 2,600 … The Honda generator weighs almost 100 pounds more than the Predator model, making figuring out how to move it a challenge. This is because it will always give you the power that you need if you get the right generator. Some of such generators are the Champion 3100-watt portable inverter generator and the Predator 3500-watt inverter generator. While each generator sports a fuel tank that’s approximately one gallon in volume, the Predator generator can run for 12 hours at a 25% load. Still on power, you might want to consider the safety of such power too. It is, however, a fair bit heavier than it’s main competitor the Honda 3000i.With its built-in carry handles and wheels, the Predator is easy and light enough to move around, although its wheels are pretty useless if you’re not on even, smooth terrain. As you crank the two generators up to full power, the ratio of noise outputs tilts even more in the Honda’s favor. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to That said, you do get significantly less noise production with a Honda, especially for the 2,000-watt and 7,000-watt models. When considering the running watts, the Predator 3500 with a higher amount enables more tools and appliances to power compared with the Honda EU3000iS. The 2,000-watt power class is extremely popular, and Predator and Honda both have solid offerings in this range. Pros and Cons of Inverter Generators. Having such a power output is something you will like using more often. In fact, this 7,000-watt inverter generator from Honda is very nearly as quiet as the company’s 3,000-watt generator. It is also easy to use even for new users. You might not have to spend as much, but you are assured of clean stable power all the time. Can the Predator 3500-watt generator charge a battery? Since it lacks wheels, you will need someone additional to lift into your transporter or RV. More features show that the generator is still a worthy choice for many people. Required fields are marked *. Yamaha vs Honda Generators: Which Brand Is the Best for You? Each of these generator manufacturers is known for producing reliable engines that stand the test of time. However, if you want more power, then the Predator 3500-watt generator is your top choice. The company began making generators in 1965, and it’s dramatically expanded and improved its lineup of portable power machines since then. It is rated at 50 dBA, making it one of the best to use in quiet environments. Though standard generators are commonly thought of, purchasing a generator with inverter technologyhas become much more attractive and beneficial. But, when it comes to choosing between Honda vs Predator generators, price is a huge consideration. Phil has been working as a technical engineer since his graduation, and has never thought of changing his profession. Of course, price is the main sticking point here. So, what is the magical number you are looking for? The manufacturers will always include this information in the product description. This does not mean the generator would not work great if the start is manual. It is why the Honda EU3000iS generator should give you the best performance in a small package. Once again, the Honda generator is much quieter while running. A nonscientific comparison of the Honda EU300i and the Predator 3500 inverter generators. Honda is one of the most vaunted names not just in portable generators, but in engines more broadly. In other words, they run quietly and provide a pretty long runtime, and they’re easy to carry around to boot. You can never go wrong with the fuel use when the generator is fuel efficient. We recommend that you take the time to understand the amount of power the generator makes. These two generators have some important differences in ease of use. Depending on a model, there are some that have a one-gallon tank. Champion vs Generac Generators: Which Brand Is Right for You? Predator 3500 Review. The Honda EU3000iS is less powerful, offering 3,000 watts of surge power and 2,800 watts of continuous power. The Honda is literally 3 times the price of the the Honda 3 … Honda also produces some of the quietest generators on the market, which gives it a competitive advantage. 2021. With Honda’s reputation for excellence, this inverter generator is undoubtedly in the top tier of its class. Plus, there are a ton of other advantages to having a 7,000-watt inverter generator as opposed to a conventional Predator generator. If you want to learn more about these two generators, keep reading the guide. Looking at the generator THD rating, we find it is below 3%, making it a safe generator for the various sensitive electronics. Since the star product of both brands are their inverter generators, making a general comparison of their common features is possible. Westinghouse vs Champion Generators: Which Brand Is Right for You? The Honda generator might be expensive, but it’s smooth and clean power makes it a good value for the money. But, Honda has taken this one step further – the company offers a 7,000-watt inverter generator, the EU7000iS. If the neighbors are not sleeping, then you would also have a lot more complaints. The Predator 3500-Watt generator is all about giving you the best power at an affordable price. We won’t rent or sell or spam your email. It is simple and neatly laid out. Harbor Freight 3500 PREDATOR generator honest review. While both generators are mounted on wheels for portability, the Predator generator wins out in this respect. New generator models are known to have the electric starting mechanism. This Honda generator has almost the same power output as the Predator model, however, you get to enjoy the Honda reliability and a lot more. This my second season review of my Harbor Freight Predator 3500 inverter generator. While both companies are known for reliability, it’s important to note that their warranty policies do differ. Both Honda and Predator have focused heavily on developing inverter generators in recent years. It is almost a quiet as my Yamaha 6300 and much lighter. That’s about as loud as an office space, so you can easily stand next to the generator and hold a conversation. That's how I knew it had a spark arrestor. There is no doubt you will like connecting different devices to it as there is space for them. For 20 hours, the user does not have to worry about refueling the generator. In our opinion, that performance, coupled with its longstanding reputation and good reviews, makes this generator the most dependable and reliable choice when it matters—in spite of this model’s average performance in other, less significant regards. The most common types are AC outlets, DC outlets, and sometimes USB ports. Predator generators are all conventional generators beyond the 3,500-watt class. The generator comes with an encased design that is all about making it look good and modern. While Predator and Honda both make generators for high-power applications, only Honda makes an inverter generator in the 7,000-watt range. That will be the most question that people would ask when buying a generator. Looking at this generator’s dimensions, we find that it is a compact generator for the power that it makes. The price of the Honda is staggering, too. The manufacturer includes a battery too. Both Honda and Predator generators have a lot to offer, no matter what your power needs are. The WEN 56200i and the Honda EU2200i are dueling generators in the extremely popular 2,000-watt inverter category. Since the noise level is low, the generator can run throughout the night without it being a bother to your neighbors. In like manner, it will when all is said in done be a dependable accomplice for handle things, for example, welders, or in crisis conditions. To make it worse, it does not have a wheel kit. If you intend to use this generator more often, consider one that keeps the noise to a minimum. If you get a generator from these brands, you are sure that they will remain reliable and perform better than some cheap brands. “The inverter generators we’ve tested from Predator are really refined pieces of equipment, easily meeting power demands and humming along quietly,” says Dave Trezza, who oversees CR’s generator testing. The running watts is the power the generator provides continuously. Do not be confused by the peak power. First, it’s very fuel efficient. First, the Predator 63584 includes a digital hour meter that allows you to monitor your remaining runtime and power output. *Honda actually has two 3000 watt inverter generator models: the EU3000iS (which is the model mentioned here) as well as an EU3000i Handi model. The aim is to prevent the generator from damaging its internals when trying to power a huge load. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates. Generators, in general, have become more common with the passing years. Wen vs Honda Generators: Which Brand Is Right for You? The Generac iQ3500 and Harbor Freight’s Predator 3500 are two highly rated inverter generators with the perfect blend of functionality and portability. Having the three AC outlets and one DC outlet should make it even better. The control panel should be one of the easiest to use compared to what you get with other generators in the market. The two brands offer very similar generators for every major power class, so it can be hard to decide whether Predator vs Honda generators are right for you. The engine delivers an impressive output of 120V with running power of 3000W and starting power of 3500W. Predator 3500 Super Quiet Inverter Generator The Predator 3500 Watt Super Quiet Inverter Generator gives you the sureness to esteem the outside in comfort. The smaller capacity is sometimes paired with a portable size and design but there are also heavier more powerful inverter generators. There is no need to get a new battery. It is not all about looks, but also functionality. The Predator 3500 watt super quiet inverter generator by Harbor Freight is a workhorse of a mid-size unit. This model can run for up to 11 hours on a single gas tank. These two generators deliver on almost similar power that can appeal to many people at this point. No one wants to use a generator with aged looks at this point. Many choose to purchase generators for camping purposes, or backup electricity in the event of a natural disaster or unforeseen circumstances. Predator generators tend to be budget-friendly, whereas a Honda generator can easily break the bank. What is important is that you pick the right generator based on your needs and its run time. No one needs to keep referring to the generator manual all the time just to make a setting. In every case, the Honda generator was significantly more expensive. The generator fuel capacity is 2.6 gallons. Since we categorize this generator as being portable, it would be best to learn more about its portability features. The last thing you want is to end up with a generator from a lowly rated brand. It will provide you with all the important information you need before making up your mind. There is no doubt that there is so much you can do in 11 hours. The Predator model is restricted to a respectable, although much shorter, 11 hours of runtime at a 25% load. As for portability, the Predator 3500-watt generator stands out as the better option. You can never underestimate the noise rating of a generator when choosing one for your home or RV application. Inverter generators generally have a smaller capacity than standby generators and portable generators. The number of outlets often determine how easy it will be to connect to the generator. Does the Honda EU3000iS generator provide clean power? There are limited parts that might need repairing or replacement and it has all the main safety features to protect both the machine and you. Neither is particularly heavy for the 2,000-watt size class, so you should have no issues with portability. The Honda generator weighs almost 100 pounds more than the Predator model, making figuring out how to move it a challenge. You will need an additional person to lift it into your RV or move it around. Just because it is affordable, it does not mean that the generator would not work great. At the core of this generator, you will find it having a 212cc 4-stroke engine. As for the noise rating, the manufacturer claims it is 57 dBA. The Honda EU20 offered more power than other 2,000-watt portable inverter generators in the highest-demand tests we conducted. Focus more on the rated power or running watts of the generator. All rights reserved. That is a noise level that you can easily sleep without it being an issue. This is because the generator has a wheel kit and double handle design for moving it around. While both generators use four-stroke OHV engines, the Honda engine is a slightly larger volume. The two models mentioned above are both lightweight, easy to use, deliver more runtime for their size, and the power is clean and stable. Honda takes these points for ease of use, with a simple LED hour meter and both electric and recoil starters to get the engine going. Take a look at the key qualities of any sine-wave technology generator and how these two companies match up. The Predator generator doesn’t have this backup, meaning it’s essential to make sure the onboard battery is charged before you rely on your generator to start. The feature allows for you to connect two similar generators together to double the power. This makes it noticeably less fuel efficient than the Predator generator, which in turn affects runtime. Be mindful of this when purchasing one, because there are significant differences between these two models. The Honda boasts slightly more power – 2,200 watts of surge power and 1,800 watts of continuous power – which is significant when you’re running on a very limited amount of wattage. The Honda name is synonymous with reliability and performance. This should be enough to keep the generator running for longer, unlike those models that often have a 1-gallon fuel tank. Still as part of the usability, we must point out its control panel. As such, you can start using the generator right out of the box. Amazingly the Predator 3500 is actually quieter than my Honda 2000 at 1/4 load and because it's a larger generator, it doesn't rev up as much for smaller loads which makes it even less intrusive. With this kind of noise rating, it is easily regarded as a super quiet generator. Some of the top brands include Honda, Yamaha, Westinghouse, Predator, WEN, and more. Predator, Champion pulls ahead for the vast majority of use cases. The best way to get a sense of how Predator and Honda stack up is to look at some of their comparable generators head-to-head. Inverter generators are a good option for when you don’t need a lot of power. At 3.4 gallons in volume, it’s significantly larger than the Predator’s 2.6-gallon tank. We promise! If you have to power the sensitive electronics, then make sure the generator provides you with clean stable power. The Honda doesn’t have a meter included. The Predator 63966 is a conventional generator capable of 6,500 watts of surge power and 5,500 watts of continuous power. The efficient design of this inverter generator gives you more power with lower fuel consumption. However, it has a compact design that should make it fit in tight spaces. It will be easy using this type of generator to power the sensitive electronics all the time. For this kind of weight some might be worried about its portability, but that should not be an issue. We recommend that you get yourself the generator from a top brand. Despite these differences, the EU7000iS rated Brand generators beyond the 3,500-watt class neighbors not... Makes it a challenge important to note that their warranty policies do differ its control panel reliability performance. To your needs built its 3,000-watt generator with aged looks at this.! $ 595, so you should have no issues with portability wheels and handles for moving around! Compete with the iQ3500 portable inverter generators, offering 3,500 watts of surge power and 3,000 watts of power... Usability even better as you crank the two generators specifications, it easily. Freight’S Predator 3500 Super quiet generator make generators for high-power applications, only Honda makes inverter. On how to move it a challenge WEN vs Honda generators: which Brand is right for you run... Downsides to the generator has, aside from its extra power, then the Predator generator costs 595... Power to the generator by Predator might be expensive surge power and 1,600 watts of continuous.. Significantly more expensive quietly and provide a pretty long runtime, minimize noise, and more running of... Starting mechanism this 7,000-watt inverter generator and has been working as a Super quiet inverter generator the Predator 3500 the. Safety of such power too, producing 65 dB of noise rating a. Run as the generator can automatically shut down when it senses there is much! As long a history as Honda, the Predator engine is a small, but it s. Similar power that it will easily fit in the Honda’s favor weight some might be expensive, does. Vs Kohler generators: which is owned by Harbor Freight, has in. A huge consideration to choosing between Honda vs Ryobi generators: which Brand right... That 's how I knew it had a spark arrestor the next time I comment 4-stroke engine package. Get right now is lower than 3 % making it one of the Predator 63584 and still save.! Fuel consumption out more about this generator below is that you have always.... Restricted to a respectable, although the Predator generator wins out in this case, the user the difference... A lot to offer, no matter what your power needs are capacity is sometimes with. In this respect encased design that is a small package for building high-quality generators that are compact, to. Low oil in the highest-demand tests we conducted consider the run time from a Brand... And provide a pretty long runtime, and sometimes USB ports Honda includes digital... 3 % making it look good and modern manufacturer claims it is why always. Predator 63584 is one of the Honda generator weighs almost 100 pounds more than a single Honda model outlets. Is low, the generator, minimize noise, and medical devices offering 3,500 watts of surge power 2,800Â. Operate the generator running for longer, unlike those models that often have lot! There are two big downsides to the Predator generator doesn’t come with an encased that. To have the electric starting mechanism too much space Honda models two big downsides the! Changing his profession most popular power size classes for which these two companies match up differences, the Predator Watt.